Silk is a gorgeous fabric and its beauty ‘s hard to beat. However knowing the pros and cons should ensure that it is used where its best features can be enjoyed for a long time.

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Many people are in most cases obsessed with their hair. This is indeed understood since hair is considered the crowning glory of each and every human being.

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The fastest means of achieving something is not always the best. Traditional tailoring techniques can prove this.

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The importance of massage in achieving a more beautiful you


For a long time, massage therapy has been seen as a major way to reduce pain on the entire body and stress relief. But it has been proven without a doubt, that besides stress and pain relief, massage also helps to achieve a more beautiful complexion of your body. If you might be wondering how, then wonder no more because we are going to see

The The importance of massage in achieving a more beautiful you a more beautiful you. This basically outlines how a massage brings about desirable beauty characteristics on an individual’s body. This include;

Skin firming

1ggggggMany people this day experience premature aging, lining and sagging of the skin. This makes them consider many unhealthy and expensive means of making their skin look young again. A perfect massage is a great and non-expensive way of reviving your skin again. After several massage sessions, your skin will become firmer, and you will look younger and more beautiful. This can be enhanced by the use of the massaging creams which have a rich consistency of antioxidants. These antioxidants reduce the wrinkling of the skin and help retain its elasticity.

Maintaining moisturized body and prevent dry skin

Skin dryness can be a very sensitive issue to both ladies and men. Skin dryness can surely bring uneasiness. Beauty is always generally characterized by smooth moisturized skin. To achieve this in a greater way, then a body massage is the best therapy for your skin. A proper massage will lighten the hard and dark part of your skin which includes knees, elbows, and ankles. This is because the creams used like chocolate creams are enriched with vitamins that enhance the skin texture.

Healing of minor pimples and swellings

The thorough, continuous and intensive rub down on your body will easily make minor pimples and swelling disappear without necessarily experiencing any pain. If you have pimples or minor swellings on your skin, then a daily body massage will serve best in making them disappear. Massaging creams also have ingredients to help in this.

Skin protection against UV

11hhhhThe creams used in a massage therapy are always ideal in eradicating harmful radicals that are regularly caused in your body due to sun exposure. For those individuals who always have longer outdoor routines that subject them to the harmful sun radiation, it is better for them to have regular massage therapies to maintain the beauty of their skin.

So if you want to enhance your beauty, then purpose to have regular massage sessions.


The Benefits Of Anal Bleaching


Anal bleaching has gained great popularity in the modern world, especially in the celebrity world. Well, a few decades ago, this was an affair in the porn industry for the sake of enhancing the camera views. However, this procedure has become a bit too common with the dermatologists saying that they are forced to carry out the procedure now and then. The DIY solutions are mostly the options for the shy ones and are easy to carry out. So, why is everyone looking to for bleach their anus? Here are the benefits of doing so.

Benefits of anal bleaching

Raises Self Esteem

Ladies are the most affected and having a large dark area while the rest of the body is evenly light would give them a low esteem. Irrespective of whether people see that part or not, the reaction in public would be a low esteem. Research showed that ladies who have done anal bleaching to eliminate what they term as ugly part boosts the self-confidence in everywhere they go.


Never miss bikini fun

Bikini funs one of the most enjoyable occasions in a woman’s life. Whether it is basking along the beach or pool partying along the swimming pool, not any woman would want to miss. Some are forced to overdress or miss at all due to dark ass patches that are not comfortable to show. If you are the kind who loves to show a bit of flesh, then you need to bleach asshole as your best shot to take the bikini parties. After the procedure and positive results, then one can enjoy even the thong parties which are equally fun.

Celebrity show

While this option exists only for the celebrities, you never know when you can become famous and requires to live such a life. Preparing your bum for public view through cameras and magazines then is not a bad thought. Celebrities have to be cautious as the cameras always seem to be pointing at then and specifically looking fo faults. One may hide it but not for long. Therefore, ensuring that the ass is well bleached to give a uniform tone all through the body is all good idea.



Some people bleach the ass just to treat their body well and enhance it. The good thing is that anyone can do it now with the home DIY packages that come with simple instructions. Following them well will give the best results. Check for allergies by applying a little on a thigh since the anal area is sensitive.…

Benefits Of Hair Extension

Many people are in most cases obsessed with their hair. This is indeed understood since hair is considered the crowning glory of each and every human being. You may think that this is only applicable to females only, but the truth of the matter is that this applies to men as well.

It is very distressing for anybody to see their hair fall out. Hair fall, loss, and baldness are some of the problems associated with hair. Women find it hard to coup up with these problems.Every problem has a solution as long as there is a will to solve it.

This is very applicable to hair problems as well. Hair extensions are one of the ways that have been invented to solve some hair problems like baldness and hair loss. This article will discuss some of the major benefits that one can get from hair extensions.

To hide hair loss, baldness, and damaged hair

There are several causes for baldness. Some are medications, chronic diseases, and many others. All these can get treatment, but it sometimes takes before completely recovering. Hair extension can help you largely in hiding your baldness.

To change your usual look

If you are naturally bald headed, then hair extension can change the way you look. With the several varieties of colors, styles, texture, you can be sure to find a suitable wig that will make you feel comfortable with your head.

More zest to your hair style

Women are very sensitive when it comes to how they look. Wigs can be very important when it comes to enabling women to match their hair and the outfit.You can choose a wig that is the same color as your most wears.

Gives desirable length to your hair

fefefefefeWith hair extensions and wigs, you get the immediate length that you desire. All that you need to do is just to take a trip to the nearby salon, and in a matter of few hours, your hair will be to the desirable length.

Does not require maintenance

Hair extensions are easy to manage and maintain. This is because you have a choice of just styling them like your hair. In addition to this, they are capable of lasting for about 4-5 months and this, therefore, means that you do not have a regular expenditure on them.

Hair extensions are wonderful style accessories that can enable you to create a genuine and fashionable look.…

Traditional Tailoring Methods

The fastest means of achieving something is not always the best. Traditional tailoring techniques can prove this. Indeed, modern conveniences like automatic buttonholes attachments and fusible interfacing made regular sewing optional for plenty of garments today. However, be reminded that although improved modern techniques will finish the job in an excellent manner, the final results would not be the same

Traditional tailoring methods definitely will take a lot of time.However, it is a worth investment as far as garments are concerned. These include a black dress, pair of trousers, and a classic blazer.

Traditional tailoring methods for blazers, coats, and vests


This part of iohjoohoonnnthe garments will benefit from horse hair canvas as well as from hand pad stitches. The horse hair canvas is mainly obtained from the horse’s tail brushings. Alongside the roll line, a twill tape is used in maintaining the garment’s structure.


Collars must be interfaced with appropriate horsehairs canvas instead of fusible interfacing. A suitable combination pad stitching and horse canvas are chosen to enable you to have control over the garment’s shape, so the fusible interfacing can’t be replicated.

Back of the garment

The use of a backstay is also a technique used before. The backstay is mainly made from muslin. Its creation is also easy depending on the designed pattern pieces. This will help prevent the coat from stretching out on the shoulders.


Sewing bound buttonholes are likewise necessary. Though it may be tempting just to use the sewing machine to create buttonholes, know that the bound buttonholes are different. It will require more steps; however, the results will be worth it.


The lining will be hand sewn to eradicate possible unsightly and uncomfortable seams on the garment’s interior.

Various types of stitches used in traditional tailoring


This is a continuous stitch catching only a couple threads. Therefore, it will barely show on the garment’s right side.


It is also referred to as the herringbone stitch. With this method, a double layer of fabric is kept against each other. It is often used for hem linings


This is a suitable replacement for a hem stitch. However, it is straighter and shorter, so it won’t be visible.

The above tailoring techniques can be used both for commercial and domestic tailoring as long as you understand the art.The various methods should be combined appropriately to come up with a good design.…