Silk is a gorgeous fabric and its beauty ‘s hard to beat. However knowing the pros and cons should ensure that it is used where its best features can be enjoyed for a long time.

Advantages of silk


Silk in the strongest natural fiber in the world. It has a particularly good tensile strength which means it’s able to withstand great pulling pressures.


Everyone knows how delicate silk is to touch; it has a smooth, soft texture that unlike many synthetic fibers is not slippery.


In general, the silk thread is very elastic. It can stretch up to 20% of its original length before breaking. Even when its elasticity is frequently tested it will bounce back to original size.


Silk fabrics are moderately wrinkle-resistant which makes them ideal for both items of clothing and is an interior designer dream.


Silk curtains have the wow factor. They are so popular because silk has few rivals when it comes to its hanging and covering. The fiber is supple and elastic and tough enough to cope with frequent handling.

Cleanliness and absorbency

Silk fabric stays relatively clean. It is smooth surface does not capture dirt easily. Absorbency silk fiber can absorb about 11 percent of its weight in moisture, and as a result, it’s easy to print and dye. Dyed silk is normally colourfast.

Disadvantages of silk


sunSunlight exposure usually weakens silk fabrics. This is something you may need to consider for the blinds and curtains. Raw silk is usually best-suited to cope with sunlight.


Silk fabrics need to be washed with a mild detergent and ideally on a smoother cycle in the washing machine. Water spots appear easily on silk but washing the fabric should get rid of these easily.

Resistance to insects

Most insects love silk, mainly the clothes moths and carpet beetles, and if you aren’t careful, they could ruin your fabric.

Mildew resistance

Silks are not highly susceptible to mildew, but if left in a room with high humidity they won’t fare very well.

Effect of heat

At high temperatures silk begins to decompose. Not only can direct sunlight cause heat damage but also be aware of proximity to any cooking appliances.

There is a quality that silk has that is tough to quantify in a pro and con list. If you are on the fence about using silk our recommendation (within reason of course) would be to go for it. You are unlikely to regret the decision.