Fall fashion items you must have

The fall season is here, and every fashion blogger, YouTube channels, models, influencer on social media, and designers are excited about the fall fashion. You can see a lot of people are uploading their looks and launching collections that would keep you and your wardrobe up-to-date. It is not too hard to dress for this look, all you need is your chosen outerwear that comes in warm-toned color like white, black, and especially chocolate. If you want to jump on the wagon to look and follow the trend to dress accordingly to the season, you can create your own staple look by choosing one or more outerwear from the following.


white ponchoBe different and don’t follow the mainstream fashion. Not many people have included this in their fall fashion, and it’s your chance to be the trendsetter. You can wear the poncho with black jeans and boots or just pull it off with a short underneath it, and you are good to go. So buy your authentic poncho and be comfortable and looking put together at the same time. Plus, it is simple to wear and cozy, so what more can you ask for?


If you have lived in an area where the wind gets chilly around this time of the year for quite some time, a coat is something that you must have in your wardrobe already. This clothing item can be pulled off by wearing simply just a t-shirt or a shirt underneath with a bottom of your choice. This look will make you feel a bit more formal.


yellow JacketWith jacket, you even have more options from a bomber jacket, varsity jacket, a leather jacket, jeans jacket, or maybe just the simple and casual one. It really depends on your style and what do you prefer, just make sure that you are matching the jacket appropriately with clothes that compliment the whole look. For example, don’t wear a bomber jacket with a sequin dress because then you might get people confused about the style that you are wearing whether it’s street style like a bomber or elegant like a sequin dress.


You can never go wrong with a simple fitted, over-sized, or a knitted cardigan. Make sure the ones that you have or going to buy is in a color that’s versatile like black or brown so you can wear it with any other clothes that you already have.…