Therapeutic Qualities Of Neroli Oil

Do you know that nearly one-third of the US population opt for natural or alternative medicine? Herbal medicines are in use since the beginning of human civilization. Looking for one such herbal product to improve your health? You are right on track. Ever heard of neroli oil? Well if you have, better get yourself the number 1 neroli oil. Otherwise, let us delve into the details of this magical substance.

Neroli oilyellow oil in glass

It is an essential oil extracted by steam distillation of Neroli (bitter orange flowers). It is one of the most expensive citrus fruit based oils. It has a unique fragrance which stimulates soothing effect and is used in aromatherapy. There is more to it than just fragrance. Check out our list of top 10 therapeutic qualities of neroli oil.


Neroli oils have anti-inflammatory properties, which make them the ideal treatment choice for arthritis. The bio-active compounds in these oils can alleviate both acute and chronic inflammations and also reduces the feeling of pain by targeting the nervous system.


It’s calming fragrance when inhaled significantly lowers blood pressure and stress hormones. It is proven to have an immediate and long-lasting effect on blood pressure and stress.


It can be used for muscle cramps, coughs, and spasmodic aches to relax the muscles.


Neroli oils reduce the severity of epileptic fits and can be employed for the treatment of seizures. This fact was scientifically proven in an animal model but not yet implemented in humans.


It promotes sexual arousal and increases the sex drive. It can cure erectile dysfunction, impotence, and loss of interest in sex.


It prevents gas build-up in the gastrointestinal tract and eases the stomach aches. It also improves your appetite and digestion.


It can be used to lift the sinking feeling and improve your mood. It can help in treating headaches, migraine, and anxiety attacks.

Manage menopausal symptoms

They improve the estrogen levels and can be used as an alternative to hormone replacement for menopausal women.


The diluted solution of neroli oil cneroli cellan fight against cholera and typhoid-causing bacteria. Application of diluted oil on open cuts and wounds, aid in better skin regeneration and protects against the infectious microbes. It also helps with acne, by killing the break-out causing bacteria. It even works against fungus and can be used to treat athlete’s foot and ringworm.

Overall, neroli oil has a little something to cater every need. Grab these keys and unlock a happy and healthy life.…