Features of the Best Quilting Machine

Sewing machines have transformed in the past few years. Manufacturers today have computerizes and electronic machines which are trouble-free and more reliable than the older versions. With additional specialized functions and features, users can now get a selection of machines for their sewing style. Quilting machines are specifically designed for making your quilting experience easy and trouble-free and offer the quilter a machine that will give professional finishes to their projects. The following are features look for in a quilting machine.

Extended Bed Space

sewing machine

Bed space refers to the working area between the inside of the machine and the needle. Having this area extended offers an area that is approximately 5-6 inches high and 8-9 inches wide that is larger than the standard sewing machines. This provides enough space for the quilter to maneuver large pieces of fabric or big quilts.

High Speed

Most of the top quilting machines usually offer high stitching speed of up to one thousand stitches per minute. This high-speed rating is applicable only to straight stitches, with the slightly reduced speeds for decorative stitches. These features offer quilters the ability to piece and quilt projects quickly.

Stitch Regulator

Some of the manufacturers provide an optional attachment for the machine which is called a stitch regulator. The use of this is to give you consistent stitch length when doing the free motion quilting, irrespective of how fast or slow the fabric is getting moved.

Automatic Thread Cutter

This is a very useful feature on any quilting machine. Cutting both the bobbin and the top thread in a single simple action, it lowers thread wastage as well as the time it takes to trim the thread tails manually. This is something that every quilter wants.

Manual Tension Control

lady on sewing machineSome machines are equipped with manual control for tension. This helps the quilter to control the ability to regulate the top thread tension accurately and quickly which offers an advantage over automatic tension control. Since quilters use different weights of thread in the bobbin and top thread often, proper control of tension is critical. With this manual control, you can incrementally and easily fine-tune the top tension while stitching.

Needle Up/Down

This is a setting which allows you to sew with the needle in the down position. It is an advantage when you are working with heavy quilts or while doing the free motion quilting. While stopping with the needle down, there are minimal chances of your quilt slipping. This provides a continuous stitch line for the quilt.

When purchasing a quilting machine, shop around and visit local sewing machine dealers. Try various model before you decide what to go for. Most importantly check out for these features when purchasing a sewing machine for quilting.…